The Real Jay Z


Raised in Florida, forged in Providence, and based out of Brooklyn, Jay Zehngebot has been drawing from the jump. His path, while not straight, is coherent.

An early interest in comics, art, and children's books led to a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (printmaking). The opportunity to work as a professional public artist on temporary, large-scale murals with the Tape Art collective struck, as did the chance to help build, teach, and direct community programming at AS220's Community Printshop in Providence, RI.

From there, a dream to develop creative software turned into a Masters from NYU's ITP, a stab at the aforementioned software, called Comicdrop, and a segue into a long run in web-publishing, internal tooling, and experimentation as the director of engineering for experimentation at Dow Jones company (Wall Street Journal, Barron's).

Fatherhood has brought him full-circle, and working from the notion that "from the specific springs the universal", he is now making real for his son the sort of children's books that most move them.